A landscape etched by our ancestors

Orkney's legends - journey back in time and discover ancient civilisations

In Orkney, what you see is what you get
as far as the eye can see

Take it all in

Experience 10,000 years of history

Orkney's heritage - experience Skara Brae and other stunning prehistoric sites

The Italian Chapel and other wartime stories

Orkney's wars - how two great conflicts shaped the islands we know today

Say hello to our very special guests

Orkney's wildlife - enjoy the sights and sounds of nature all year round

You can almost touch the water!

Orkney's causeways - make you want to get behind the wheel and drive!

Best enjoyed with family and friends

Orkney's beaches - beautiful white sands and open space all to yourself

Orkney's spellbinding coastline

Images and memories that'll stay with you forever

Welcome to VisitOrkney

Orkney is special - as far as the eye can see. There's no other place in the British Isles quite like it. Across its 70 islands, Orkney is spellbinding, invigorating, relaxing and welcoming - it's all these things and so much more.

How good does that look?

Just you, the great outdoors and all day to please yourself.
Get back in touch with nature on Orkney

Hours of fun searching for Groatie Buckies

It'll keep the little ones occupied, while you relax and take in the sea air

Step inside an ancient civilisation

You'll be in touch with 5,000 years of Orkney's history
at the famous Dwarfie Stane on Hoy

We're all big kids at heart!

With miles of white sandy beaches and
stunning coastlines, you'll not resist the
temptation to get your feet wet!

What's On

Discover the real Orkney in a year-round programme of scheduled events across the islands. It's guaranteed to keep the whole family entertained.


Guided walk of the WWII Naval Base

April 07 - Oct 27

Scapa Flow Visitor Centre & Museum

Free two-hour guided walk of the WWII Naval Base at lyness...

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Orkney Arts & Crafts Fair

May 08 - Dec 12

Kirkwall and St Ola Community Centre and Town Hall

Our variety of products from our artists and crafters should offer you an excellent choice...

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Ness of Brodgar Tours

July 31 – Aug 26

Ness of Brodgar Site

Ness of Brodgar Tours running from Wednesday the 8th July to Wednesday the 26th August 2015...

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Orkney Blues Festival

Sep 18 – Sep 20

Orkney Blues Festival

The Orkney Blues Festival brings together local and national artists across multiple venues...

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